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Welcome to the official website of the Clan Donald Foundation, Inc.,
the non-profit arm of Clan Donald USA!
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The Clan Donald Foundation, Inc. is a charitable, not-for-profit corporation.  The Foundation has IRS 501 (c)(3) status, which means that contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible for members of Clan Donald USA, as well as for any American citizen desiring to contribute.
The Statement of Purpose of the Clan Donald Foundation, Inc.
is found in the first Article of the Foundation's Bylaws as follows:


      Section 1.01.     The purposes of Clan Donald Foundation, Inc. shall be to preserve and to promote the customs, tradition and heritage of the Scottish people.  The purposes of the corporation shall be carried out through the conduct of the following or other similar activities:
(1)  Instructing the public on and stimulating interest in the customs, tradition and heritage of the Scottish people, by inter alia, sponsoring periodic expositions devoted to Scottish history, culture and art forms;
(2)  Providing financial assistance to students of Scottish history, culture and art forms, including writers, sculptors, painters, actors and musicians, for the purpose of pursuing such a course of study or artistic project;
(3)  Providing financial assistance for cultural exchange visits by and between American and Scottish students; and
(4)  Making grants directly to organizations which are dedicated to the purposes of the corporation including but not limited to:
a.  Museums;
b.  Libraries;
c.  Educational organizations; and
d.  Other charitable organizations

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A Clan Donald Foundation, Inc. Production
Armadale Castle Gardens & The Museum of The Isles
The Clan Donald Centre
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Rob McDonald Parker
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Clan Donald Ancestral Lands on the Isle of Skye in Scotland,
and trace the development of Armadale to its present state.
All proceeds from sales of this DVD go to Clan Donald Lands Trust
to support the maintenance and further development of Armadale
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